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File Name:[Request] Phalanx - Golden Horde [2020]
Download Torrent:[Request] Phalanx - Golden Horde [2020]

   Phalanx is a Los Angeles based death metal outfit that uses a three vocalist attack, blast-beats like stampeding hooves, and trudging army march riffs to write music about the history of warfare. Formed in 2017, they continue to play shows and release music today. Phalanx is: Keir Gilchrist (vocals), Sean Glaze (vocals/guitar), Josh Townsend (vocals/bass), and Matt Zavorski (drums).

Track list:
01. Sajo
02. Golden Horde
03. Princess of Moonlight
04. Goliath's Spring
05. Baghdad
06. TemŘjin

As requested by fellow djesse50
Bitrate:320 k
Size:43.47 MB
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7 files
Peer(s): Seed(s): 16, Leecher(s): 0 = 16 Peer(s)
Last Seed Update24/02/2020 07:45:15


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