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File Name:[Request] Wargrave - Suffering The Void (2015)
Download Torrent:[Request] Wargrave - Suffering The Void (2015)

    "Wargrave" was formed in the depths of the Cape Town underground, the band made it's presence known in mid 2011.
     While the roots of the band lie deep in 80's thrash metal, Wargrave draws inspiration from an extremely diverse spectrum, infusing the classic archetypal sound with undertones drawn from modern progressive and technical death metal. The result is a sonic apocalypse, a display of speed and technical proficiency whilst maintaining a strong sense of melody.

Track list:
1. Blood On The Hands Of The Holy
2. Delusions Of Grandeur
3. From The Shadows
4. Mutual Enemy
5. Tortured Beyond Recognition
6. A Damaged Fortress
7. Suffering The Void
8. Blind To The Light

Line Up:
Heinrich Kollner - Vocals
Justin Ross - Guitar
Brendan Stubbs - Guitar
Eugene Havenga - Bass
Jason Jardim - Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WargraveBand

P.S. Support the band, buy it's album's. Here or Here
As requested by fellow Thrash man
Bitrate:320 k
Size:84.17 MB
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